June 9, 2011

Sach O hasn’t been to a warehouse jam in a minute.

I’ll continue to ride for Mutant Bass Records’ free releases as long as they keep-free releasing them. 130 One-shmirthy*: crank those BPMS up, throw on some air horns and rave divas and let’s take it back to the warehouse days. The pick of the pack for the uninitiated is definitely Submerse’s Speed Garage jam Let’s Go, probably because it’s the sole track here with any kind of romantic sentiment but overall this may actually be the leanest and most focused set of tunes let out of Kanji Kinetic’s dungeon yet. I’m not saying anything like this will ever get a breathless Boomkat recommendation or top a proper critics poll but I’ll take an insane-sounding floor shaker over yet another Detroit revival any day.

* I actually like 90% of those artists/records. I just wish the producers would place a little less emphasis on reserved grooves and a little more on all out abandon. Just how I roll.

MP3: Mutant Bass Records – Beneath the Umteenth EP

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