June 10, 2011

Son Raw is Sach O for those who don’t know.

Summer Jamz is an ever-changing experience for me. When I dropped my first mix in the series way back in 2008, I was traveling the South-Asian seas and decided to send something in a whim because I hadn’t done any music writing in 6 months. The next year, I was deep in the throws of (808s and) heartbreak so all consuming I remember playing Radiodread on loop. Not actual Radiohead though, that’d be a bit much. Then last year I dropped a really good disco mix and nobody gave a fuck. Bastards.

Times keep on changing though: my first mix came at a time when I considered myself retired from DJing and strictly a music writer whereas now I’m playing out every few weeks and barely have time to write a blog post. Not that I’m complaining: Dubstep reignited my passion for DJing and thanks to a few heads in the know (Vilify, Living~Stone, HGLDT I see y’all!) I get to do it on a semi-regular basis. Winning. Which brings us to my entry in this year’s Summer Jamz series: a live recording from my last time mixing at Bass Drive Wednesdays, Montreal’s biggest and baddest Dubstep weekly. Bass Drive is always a personal challenge: for one thing I’ve had so many wonderful evenings there that I want my sets to live up to them but also because the crowds there can be hungry for BLOOD. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good wobbler or two but as a DJ, that’s not my thing and it’s always fun to see just how far I can push the hardcore minded crowd into new territory without losing them. This go around I fed them Odd Future, unreleased Skream tunes, Grime, Jungle, weird acid breakbeat numbers and a few other surprises and (thankfully) they ate it all up in what made for a fantastic night. Hope you enjoy it.

As for the Summer part? Well, this is exactly the kind of stuff I want to hear this summer at a rave: it’s sweaty, unhinged, funky, different and balls to the wall: neither grindingly aggressive (Skream aside) or in any way polite or held-back. Bass Drive being held at an actual venue, this isn’t exactly a proper warehouse mix but hopefully it captures the spirit of a Montreal after-hours jam because Rave promoters, I can even make YOUR shit tighter. Also, it’s a convenient way to announce that I’m proud to be opening for Manchester legend, Dubstep originator, Ministry of Sound affiliate and all around Badman DJ MRK1 in a few weeks time right here in Montreal. Because nothing quite says “summer” like an epic mid-week party at the end of June. Expect mad bass.


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