June 10, 2011

Tonight. Why? Because tonight is the night.  The schedule, directions, and weird rambles are up on the Facebook Event Page. Bring synchronized Swatch Watches, sun dials, abacuses, periodicals, distribution, genies, sun dials, your secret identity, my Secret Identity, Jerry O’ Connell, sidekicks, doppelgangers, safety helmets, Guinness, cigarettes, weed, blogs, your hottest first cousin, party hats, solo cups, wet suits, beats, bitches, and sorghum.

Unrelated but related: this week, Mike Eagle also unleashed another leak from his stellar Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. Joined by Rhymesayer, P.O.S., “Why Pianos Break,” finds the American Eagle operating in clandestine Nate Dogg mode. I AM NOT SAYING HE IS THE NEXT NATE DOGG. (Caps Lock for those prone to misquoting). What I mean is that Mike is one of those rare breeds gifted enough to simultaneously sing and rap. It’s what Nate Dogg used to do and Kells does when he’s feeling zesty, and what Drake has carved a career out of.

Except rather than bitching about the price of fame and how he’s so cold and lonely, but you are the best woman he’s ever known because you have totally awesome breasts,   Eagle stays clandestine and caustic: immersed in the circus in service of the art. Dense as cuneiform, melodic as campfire hymn. Meanwhile, P.O.S. kicks a flow reminiscent of Vordul Mega, but with far more clarity. Eating vegan will do that for you. For those only intrigued by the drum, underground rap was historically maligned for being overly grim and atonal. Mike’s music works because he’s able to pair his abstractions and satire with hooks made hypodermic by his crooning ability. There may be no better writer below the surface and if he’s getting co-signs from the Rhymesayers and Danny Brown and the Def Jux diaspora, it’s because he mastered the piano before he broke it.

Also, Nocando has dropped a video for his El-P sanctioned remix of “Time Won’t Tell.” I already wrote about the track in January, but now there is a visual accompaniment complete with 100% more gas masks and primordial imagery. Come to the show tonight if you’re in town. Good times had by algae.

MP3: Open Mike Eagle ft. P.O.S.-“When Pianos Break”

MP3: Nocando (prod. by El-P) – “Time Won’t Tell (Remix)”

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