Sach O once tried durian.

It’s raining cats, dogs and other assorted animals in Montreal today which means I’m staying home, nursing a hangover, listening to The Wailers and Lee Perry’s African Herbsman and pondering the path Reggae might have taken had Bob Marley not become a rock star. I’m also enjoying this ultra-deep Nina Simone dub by Inertia, a producer I’d never heard of but will now be keeping an eye on.

And when I say it’s a dub I do mean DUB: the remix lovingly wraps Ms Simone’s voice in a blanket of reverb and keeps the backing track Croydon tough and Mariana trench deep, avoiding any temptation to spoil the sauce with unneeded ingredients. The overall effect recalls *GASP* Burial minus the cassette tape crackle and may well be the only thing to pull me from Lee Perry’s production today.


Nina Simone – Strange Fruit (Inertia_ Remix) **320 Download**
by Inertia_

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