June 12, 2011

Featuring a forklift, ice cream trucks, tighty whites, talk shows, beards, beef, pyramid schemes, playing cards for candy, dentures, butchers, fangs, and Stuart Murdoch in construction regalia. Another gray day in Glasgow. B&S drop the next single from last year’s inconspicuously excellent Belle & Sebastian Write About Love.

In this instance, love is a prevaricating female universally adored by postmen, policeman, and the boys in the corner. And in its own way, this is the brilliance of Belle & Sebastian. Their songs are softer than steaks soaked in butter but boast a surfeit of flavor and wit to satisfy beanie-wearing Dizzee Rascal fans. Which explains why they’re the rare band loved within the rarely overlapping Venn diagram of myself, Sach O, and Martin Douglas Martin. Twee as fuck.

MP3: Belle & Sebastian-“Come On Sister”

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