June 13, 2011

Since dropping Anidea last May, the Bristol-born Italian epithet better known as Guido has largely lain dormant. Presumably, he’s been soaking up some sun, smoking some spliffs, and strutting alongside the Shore to the delight of the gorilla-worshiping population. If only he could get on  MTV like his brethren. That’s the thing about Guido. Other than Joker, none of the post- dubstep poster children have a shot of crossover success quite like Guy Middleton. Whereas most of his peers are interested in snuffing the light out of tracks or else enhancing the glow to abrasive phosphorescence, Guido lets his tracks breathe — offering ample room for the right R&B singer to take it to church (see Aarya on “Beautiful Complication”).

Bringing along his bro, Baobinga, the A-Side of latest 12″ finds him still in top form, staking the middle ground between Joker, “Down Bottom”-era”Swizz Beatz, and Timbo when he was more interested in finding parts for his space ship than protein shakes. The track’s called “Ballin” and the hip-hop influence is unmistakable, but like Massive Attack two decades prior, Guido filters things through his own symphonic Bristol slant. Chord changes. Melody. Synesthesia. The orchestral lab at work.

The B-Side may win again. “Bumba” takes the existing template of crushed purple beats and slows it to a mid-tempo time warp. The drums stay spacey and staccato, but the layers and layers of synths seem interested in creating their own rhythms. Guido has the innate ability to sustain at least three different grooves, all on the same track, without any discord or over-indulgence. The greatest irony surrounding his name being usurped by a pack of philistine techno-tards is that his music is the exact opposite. For all its inorganic composition, its restrained and tasteful. No wobble. No cheese. Bright lights with no need for sunglasses.

BUILD006 – Guido & Baobinga – Ballin’ / Bumba by Build Recordings

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