June 13, 2011

Sach O can’t wait to play this live.

When I briefly spoke with Kevin Martin last year for an interview that never got published, he was thoughtful, respectful and genuinely interested in having a productive discussion about both his work and music in general. I always have trouble reconciling this with the fact that he makes some of the most downright evil sounding music this side of True Norwegian Black Metal. No shock value, no teen angst, just deep, dark dread that brings to mind voodun warrior ceremonies and the kind of high-powered hallucinogenic drugs that require shamanic supervision.

This new remix of dancehall gangster and recipient of this year’s “Shorty Shit Stain stage name award” Ding Dong fits in nicely within that aesthetic but don’t call it predictable – from the Juke-evoking vocal sample to the sheer propulsion, everything about this track is up to 2011 standards with crushing bassweight but also amphetamine-driven drums. Roll Deep emcee and frequent collaborator Flow Dan laces the vocal side and as always, he fits Martin’s production so thoroughly that it leaves one hoping for a full length project. Regardless however, this bodes well for the forthcoming Bug album on Ninjatune, not to mention the future of Dubstep (or what I call Dubstep) in general.

Buy: Ding Dong – Badman Forward (The Bug remix ft. Flowdan) (128KBPS)

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