June 14, 2011

You can have Kanye’s leaked song about the movie Cyrus, or Drake’s new one about Marvin Hagler (he was so marvelous), or Lil Wayne’s song about the awesomeness of attending 12 Step sermons with Eminem. I’m not even that down with that new Nas song that sounds like that old Nas song that reminds me of all those really old Nas songs. Being jaded is a motherfucker.

But there are yesterday’s new Guido tracks and Weldon Irvine everything, and an array of remixes that Flying Lotus left on his usually dormant Soundcloud page. Total re-workings of Massive Attack and Bjork and Stereolab. Unreleased tracks and old versions. Not a single mention of his mama’s boyfriend or Jonah Hill’s shoe collection. These sound good.

More Songs after the jump.

Flying Lotus // Massive Attack// vibeangel mix1 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus// BJork//Shiver by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus – Serum Acquired MIx3 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus – Mr.Oizo – Rubber (unprotected Sex mix )3-1 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus – Stereolab – GalactagonFINAL2rMX by Flyinglotus

Melting3 by Flyinglotus

Flying Lotus – psuedo nymph (OG VERSION) by Flyinglotus

Flying lotus – caravan of delight by Flyinglotus

Flying lotus – tell tales by Flyinglotus

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