June 14, 2011

Sach O thinks the only thing this video is missing is a Kool Keith sample.

At this point Benga is Dubstep royalty, touring the festival circuit and dropping bombastic riffs – as a rockstar of his caliber should. When I caught him a few months ago with partner in crime Skream, I found their set to be a little on the heavy side but otherwise couldn’t complain: plenty of energy, exclusives galore and for once the guys who pioneered this stuff are also the ones eating off it. They’re generous too: Smack Your Bitch Up has been floating around as a youtube rip for a minute now, ranking high on the list of unreleased Benga dubs most desired by fans. Well Benga has seen fit to give it away for free, complete with the best music video I’ve seen since Tyler ate a roach. Seriously, THIS is what Dubstep should look like on screen: stark black and white photography, urban space, spooky vibe, random masks and just enough weirdo darkness to remind you that this isn’t your daddy’s dance video. Prodigy: eat your hearts out.

MP3 below the jump.

MP3: Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up

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