July 6, 2011

Sach O doesn’t really want to think about the state of local radio.

“Now I don’t mind being stuck in traffic cuz I can listen to Rinse.FM all day.” Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference. While Jay and Kanye unveiled a gaudy album cover for an album that promises to be about luxury products most of have never even heard of, P-Money used his guest spot on this revamped Magnetic Man tune to brag about finally being able to listen to a decent radio station while driving in London. I’ll never own a givenchy but I aspire to decent daytime listening. Don’t get me wrong, Anthemic is trance-step of the highest order – all shiny synth lines and explosive snares – but if you’re going to go that route it pays to get a roughneck emcee to spit ferocious rather than T-Pain or Bruno Mars. What the aging superstar-class of emcee seems to be forgetting is that while it’s cool to BE international, it’s much more fun to listen to locals, be it skater weirdoes in Cali or hood cats from London to Louisiana. Score one for the little guys.

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