Take your sub-Dipset technicolor Dreamcoat hyperlink rap, I will opt every time for the caustic smirk of Serengeti and his former Saluki, Open Mike Eagle. Admittedly, there is home field advantage at work, now that both Chicago natives are permanent residents of my smog-scarred birthplace.

I have a feature in next week’s LA Weekly on David Cohn, his numerous alter-egos, and the events that caused him to relocate to California, but this just-released spoof on the desire for image transformation is a good start. Written before moving, his jokes land squarely on the schnozzes of roughly 74 percent of all transplants west of La Brea (if you don’t believe me, show up at Trousdale on a “good night.”)

Admittedly, Serengeti’s music is you-get-it-or-you-don’t proposition. But there are few people that are more innovative, creative and heartfelt. He is the halfway point between the Madvillain and the Silver Jew. His new record Family & Friends comes out today on Anticon, with production from Yoni Wolf of Why? and Advance Base (formerly Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.) It is one of my favorite albums of the year–it you’re into wry, sad, and thoughtful music, you should help him pay his rent. Writing blogs on the ins and outs of the perfect date can only be so lucrative.

MP3: Serengeti-“Ha Ha”

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