July 20, 2011

From the best album of the year that no one is talking about, even though it’s co-produced by Brian Eno. I caught Seun last Friday and you can have your Animal Collectives and Gang Gangs, but there was nothing at the Pitchfork Festival that was fucking with this man and Egypt ’80. No offense. But not even Curren$y could match Seun’s loose-limbed groove and pro-marijuana sloganeering. Randall Roberts’ LA Times review comes highly recommended.

Seun is on tour at a few spot festival dates for the rest of the year. Complete with his pops’ old band, It is the closest you will ever come to seeing Fela in his prime. Yet Seun is a completely singular performer and individual. There is no excuse to miss him.


Seun Kuti – Rising Son

Old Testament: Fela Kuti

Free Zombie

MP3: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80-“Rise”

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