The “Hood Gone Love It” remix has been getting heavy rotation outside the hood —  at least on a Friday in July. Jay Rock exists in an endearing state of aggression. Birdman raps like he fathered Lil B’s style, which he did. And there is the Officer.

On one meaty hand, there is the cartoonish, crab-eating speedboating, pathological Pop and Fresh. And on the other hand, there is Rick Ross, great rapper. Words I never said. But for sheer entertainment value, there are few matching his calculated absurdity. Plus, he describes smoking weed as “blowing fog in the Taj Mahal. That’s as vivid as anything Curren$y’s ever written. A fairly reliable source told me that Rick Ross has a massive white board in his house, where he writes down album titles, tracklistings, and cameo appeareances, before a note has been recorded. Nor do any of the guests know that they’re going to be on the album. They are informed of this later. I don’t actually know if this is true, but I refuse to believe anything to the contrary.

MP3: Jay Rock ft. Rick Ross & Birdman-“Hood Gone Love It Remix”

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