July 29, 2011

Sach O is actually trying to cut down on weed. For real.

As much as I ride for Goblin, I sincerely hope Tyler’ success doesn’t box in the rest of Odd Future. While the bastard’s catharsis made headlines, the Golf Wang’s greatest appeal for me has always been the resolutely underground streak running through their records. From the battle-rap wordplay to the blunted jazz chords complimenting their gurgling bass; OF’s second line hasn’t distinguished itself through shock value so much as a willingness to merge classic influences to their Pharell and Waka. Domo Genesis’ under-valued Rolling Papers was particularly strong in this regard, combining a surprising amount of  Boom-Bap to more obvious Angelo touch points.

Though album titles make the comparisons easy, it’s actually worth contrasting him to Wiz Khalifa whose persona reduces stoner archetypes to cotton-candy like, Snoop Dogg-aping fluff. Domo’s verses conversely unlock ganja’s psychedelic properties, flowing with the wordiness and focus unseen in weed rap since Redman’s prime. Like that smart kid in college who smokes too much, Domo isn’t obliterating his psyche so much as augmenting it and he’s showed an increasing knack for fast-paced couplets in verses since his debut, a smart move considering lackadaisical flows are a dime a dozen these days. It also allows him to rock NY style tracks like he was born there and he cuts through this Remy Banks collabo like a knife, flowing over a buttery loop last seen in the hands of No I.D and Organized Konfusion. It doesn’t leap out and grab your attention, but like the best underground Hip-Hop, More Clouds is invitingly self-assured in its subtlety, challenging listeners to reach past the rah-rah without compromising accessibility. With hints that Under the Influence will deviate from his all-weed-all-day subject matter, I’d ignore this kid at your peril, even if precise verses and mellow beats don’t get you nominated for VMAs these days.

MP3: Remy Banks – More Clouds (Feat. Domo Genesis)

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