July 29, 2011

Flying Lotus – Galaxy in Janaki from Caseytography on Vimeo.

Unofficial but excellent far more than fan-made video handled by PotW brethren, Forest and Jon Casey. A track from last year’s Cosmogramma, inviting the celestial through harp and the invocation of Janaki, wife of Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu.

Sez Jon Casey:

“We had no idea we were going to make a Fly Lo music video the day we shot him on top of the at&t building. But the whole setup was just too photogenic not to keep shooting and shooting, so we did – while he continued wrecking it on the 1’s and 2’s. Take that, mix it with other scenes we had already shot, and we had enough for a video.

We were kinda bummed that no one had made a music video for our favorite song of his off of Cosmogramma, “Galaxy in Janaki.” So my brother Forest and I turned to each other in unison and shrugging, we both agreed, “why not?”

We ran into Fly Lo again at the Low End Theory in LA after he got back from a world tour, and he let me know how much that song means to him and how he wrote it for his Mom. He thought the visuals didn’t completely match up
to the vision that he had thought of directly correlating to his Mom, so it would have to be a bonus video but don’t we all like a little bonus sometimes…”

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