August 1, 2011

The saga continues. Dam–Funk drops something new, the download limit is almost instantly eclipsed, and I am contractually compelled to post regardless. Following a brief sabbatical from Twitter and Tumblr, Damon Riddick, contender for the title of world’s most righteous, has returned with great vengeance and fury.

A cold kept me away from last Monday’s 5-Year Anniversary of his vaunted Funkmosphere night, and it was an immediately regrettable move. There are things in life one must keep sacred. Never sleep with a friend’s girl, never eat at Denny’s when there are other edible options, and never miss a Dam-Funk performance.  Apparently, he spun for five hours, topping the three of his Freak City funkfest, and proving that like Ozzy Osbourne, Dam is beholden to no natural rules. He sleeps little, stays laser-focused amidst constant distraction, and serves mankind as an apostle of the funk. If he owned an Academy, I would send my children there to learn the ways of how to grow up G but not gangsta.

His latest mix for Clae footwear is more of the same — which is to say, eclectic, hard-core but smooth, old school but intensely modern, and a half-dozen seemingly other irreconcilable adjectives. A tracklist is yet unavailable, but I’ll update as soon as it is. Yes, there is Egyptian Lover. According to Dam, “all ‘original wax pressings’ were used & was ‘mixed live’ (over a couple cocktails, in a dimly lit room, with a window view.)” No more needs to be said.

CLAE presents Five By Five Series: DĀM-FUNK – “Beautiful Music For Beautiful People Vol. 2” by CLAE Footwear


1. GARY WRIGHT – Really Wanna Know You ~ ’81
2. PAL JOEY – Fathers Day – 9?
3. MOODYMANN – Sweet Yesterday (Instrumental Version) ~ ’03
4. UNCLE JAMMS ARMY Feat: The Egyptian Lover – Dial-A-Freak ~ ’84
5. BRYAN LOREN – Complications – ’84
6. SINE – Keep It Coming – ’77
7. GAP BAND – I’m Ready (If You’re Ready) – ’83
8. PARADISE – World’s Midnight – ’82
9. PURO INSTINCT – Silky Eyes – ’11
10. WILLIAM BELL – Headline News (Extended Mix) – ’86
11. J-1 aka THE DEER presents THE YELLOW – Mellow Yellow (Feat: Jimetta Rose) – ’11
12. (Bonus Track) SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Time Is Love – ’74

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