August 10, 2011

Some days writing about music leaves you feeling like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer goes to hell and is forced into an eternity of eating donuts. There are only so many adjectives and abstruse synonyms you can use, and sometimes it is simply exhausting wondering whether you are being needlessly pretentious for using the word “abstruse.” And then there are Internet comment sections, and occasionally lack thereof. And then there is Dam-Funk, who is hell-bent on dropping one song a week that is sure to brighten your day. And not in the corny puppy dog and ice cream way, but in a more profound sense that you know that there are artists out there who create because they have to and sometimes they have to wait for 20 years to get their chance to shine.

His latest is “Scat’in,” where Dam goes modern funk Cab Calloway over some syrupy slowed down ride music. All of his tunes war-tested on long glides down the 10 West and the 10 East and the 105. Recorded in Ladera Heights and set to appear on his next LP. It was a free download and now it’s stream-only. The early bird gets to do the worm, so we will just have to bob our heads, make due, offer a votive to the funk gods, and remember why you love music in the first place.

Scat’in – DāM-FunK (Unreleased) by DâM-FunK

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