El-P stays on his one hot rap album every half decade average, but stops recording Cancer 4 Cure to collect an Adult Swim check. Or maybe this is on Cancer 4 Cure. No one knows right now, and I suspect that includes El-P. But rather than offer an odds and sods throwaway like too many of the tracks in the cartoon network’s singles program, the head funcrusher produces one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

The best El-P tracks always stand alone. Sometimes listening to an entire record is like walking through a carwash. Powerful, cleansing, and probably corrosive to skin and psyche. Migraine funk. Four Advils washed down with Jack. On “Drones over BKLYN,” he strikes an ideal compromise between metal-tooth nail gun noise slaps and paranoid depressive dirges.

He’s become the Raekwon of Brooklyn butane bodega rap. All internal rhymes, assonance, and carefully worded threats. Pure poison slang. Smurf smirks and getting murked. Drones lurking over Brooklyn and psychedelic guitar solos from Little Shalimar of Chin Chin. With the Killer Mike record in the chamber, plus a solo jaunt, and promised collabos with Yelawolf, Danny Brown, and Mr MFN Exquire, there will inevitably be a more of where this came from. Fun.

MP3: El-P-“Drones over Brooklyn”

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