August 12, 2011

10 Haters is swag rap from men who could probably join Mensa, but never would do anything as useless as join Mensa. For those of you disappointed by Kanye West and Big Brother’s attempt to block the sun, Bus, Nocan, and Mike Eagle play Tito Puente. “In a Perfect World” is their “Senor Burns.” And I am forcing this analogy.

If you find comic fantasies funnier than self-satisfied smugness, you will enjoy this record.  This is what underground rap was supposed to be: smart, sonically progressive, funny, and never taking itself seriously. The album comes out a week from Tuesday. In a perfect world, you will buy it.

MP3: Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver + Nocando) ft. Open Mike Eagle (prod. by Mono/Poly)-“In a Perfect World”

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