Like a powdered wigged man chopping cherry kush, Spitta doesn’t lie. His new tape has a song called “Hennessy Beach,” where Curren$y admits that he’s never sipped such high octane cognac. He’s more of an XO man. That’s the thing about the Jet Life pilot, he turns his realness into high art. It’s a stretch to call this everyman rap, unless you’re George Clooney in Up in the Air. This is a world of fast cars and checkered flags, rare hydro and obscenely hot women. He even name drops Kitana, a $100 per person sushi spot on Sunset.

But there’s a nimble eloquence to his lyrics and ability to transform mundane acts into moments of great gravity (bong). I once wrote that great rappers should make you want to smoke a blunt with them, and in that respect, Curren$y could make Holden Caulfield want to call him up on his Sports Illustrated Football phone to smoke something. Maybe to his song “Smoke Sum’n.” As Zeus pointed out, he has mastered the Trey Kerby art of chill bro’ ness.

What sets him apart from the flock of sativa-stunned smoke rappers is his dedication to craft. The guy churns out mixtapes like an evanescent weed high, but each of them features  intricacy from lyrical detail to album cover. Camp Lo with less champagne, if they had the means of distribution and work ethic to crank out tape after tape. You don’t have to look much harder to spot the other influences — he flows over another ATLiens instrumental and the impeccably selected “Stick 2 the Script” from Roc La Familia. Plus, the obvious No Limit and Cash Money connection. The memory of Soulja Slim gets multiple shout outs. And in accordance with his absolute honesty, he admits he’s never sold crack and hands off Primo’s “10 Crack Commandments” to Young Roddy.

There are some rappers that you don’t want to hear from very often. Their music requires effort to process, but Spitta creates with one goal in mind: sluggish stoned ride music. It works so well in the South or a city like Los Angeles, where car culture reigns and traffic is thick. Just download this, twist something up, and get the fuck out of the house already.

ZIP: Curren$y – Verde Terrace (Left-Click)

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