August 26, 2011


Those prophets of Canadian urban-woe at The Weeknd had it right: Thursdays are a motherfucker. I may not snort lines like a hoover or drink Cris like Jagged Edge in 99 but yesterday featured more than enough whiskey to keep the ghost of Jim Morrison happy. As for Thursday the mixtape, most of the critical-meat has already been picked off the bones by the culture vultures but rest assured: it comes Sach O approved, from the extended dub atmospherics to the ridiculously hooky one-liners. Folks seem really caught up about the fact that Abel Tesfaye’s persona is damn near the black Patrick Bateman but anyone who’s ever listened to Gainsbourg (the OG Gainsbourg) knows that this should be counted as a plus, not a minus.

Because I now require all of my music processed and remixed for DJing purposes, this 130 BPM edit of The Party & The Aferparty, complete with start-stop riddim and titanium alloy bassweight, hits all the right spots. Producer Kastle doesn’t mess around with a good thing, preferring to gently nudge it from the bedroom to the dance floor. Inessential? Perhaps. Bound to be heard in clubs from Toronto to Tokyo? You bet. And anything that gets girls dancing to creepy R&B instead of Will.I.Am or Rusko should be applauded.

Download: MP3: The Weeknd – The Party & The Afterparty (Kastle Remix) (Via Media Contender)

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