September 5, 2011

The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD) from Studio 8 on Vimeo.

Better than adderall for those with anorexic attention spans. This video is explicitly designed to command attention for all 213 seconds — from the first sound of spray paint to the cat fight at its conclusion. The Coathangers are probably the most compelling band on earth. As the video suggests, they make music with the wayward velocity of children falling off jungle gyms. Don’t mistake simplicity for naivete. Like all of the most interesting people, they understand the element of danger and that violence is best deployed sparingly. But at precise moments, they are Vesuvian. Music that can cover you in ashes if you aren’t careful. Trailer Park Boneyards and cheap whiskey. Juke box music for junkies. Right, right.

Buy the album if you know what’s bad for you.

MP3: The Coathangers-“Trailer Park Boneyard”

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