Due to deadlines, I’ve been off the Internet all day, so I don’t know how many bloggers labeled this beat post-Young L and bas(s)ed. Not quite. Instead, eXquire continues to mine rare gems, excavating some dystopian funk from the Co Flow instrumental opus, Little Johnny from the Hospital..

Add that to the Fear and Loathing clip at the intro, the dense agile raps, and the the Brooklyn bloodclot Jamerican patois, and this is pretty much what you would have hoped Vast Aire would have been before he turned 4loko. eXquire, the Crown Heights native, came to Echo Park last week and I wrote about it for the Times — particularly in the context of his Brooklyn roots. It’s been a minute since the borough produced someone this hard who wasn’t trying to pretend like he had to go ham to get put on. It’s Bucktown. They rob. You think Guru would lie to you.

MP3: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire-”Huzzah”
MP3: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire-”Galactus Redux”

Fucked Yo Momma feat. Cousin Reem by eXqomania

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