1. Bonus points for the homage to the “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)”

2. Lucky Charms are delicious and are a severely underutilized rap video resource.

3. Despot doesn’t look like a Despot. Maybe Fielding Melish.

4. Das Racist will probably never be my thing but the guy in the group with the Rozay beard deserves credit for the Immortal Technique joke and the interpolation of Rae, rhyming “Who Son’s Who” with “reading Sun Tzu.”

5. Danny Brown is so good at rapping that he can pull off jorts. That’s impressive. I was in Detroit last week and listening to nothing but Hybrid and XXX. Someone needs to make him poet laureate of the D, if not for “Fields” and “Scrap or Die” alone.

6. Killer Mike in the background.

7. eXquire’s wrangling of low budget porn stars for every video is fast becoming an aesthetic we can all embrace.

8. I will always be a sucker for a Catcher in the Rye reference, a Watch the Throne diss, and a reference to Project Benchs — unintentional allusions to “Park Bench People” are still allusions.

9. No more invoking literary devices when talking about rap videos. For me. Today.

10. El-P wins this round.

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