September 26, 2011

When will I stop posting every track that Roc Marciano drops? When he stops popping shots like a wild Iranian. When he stops riding Mercedes while rhyming kind of wavy. When his ties to the game are no longer as tight as the binds of slavery. When God stops forgiving him for robbing ladies the age of his moms. When he starts being as emotional as Carl Thomas.

When his persona stops being what a don is and he stops wearing Burberry pajamas. When the O.G.’s stop saying he’s solid and that he profits. When he sells his home in Acapulco and starts to lack good mojo. When he stops throwing kilo’s into the audience and ceases to squeeze the 40 off like an accordion. When he stops shooting dice and boosting Nike’s. When he sells his powder blue Lincoln and full length mink. When he stops being half rapper, half raptor.

So probably never.

MP3: Roc Marciano-“My Persona”

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