Sach O seen ya standin’ on the corner over there and he knows you ain’t down with his team.

Twitter milestones are the new Billboard certifications, at least in the sub-celebrity realm of Bass music. Having just reached the big 5-triple-0, Night Slugs affiliate Mosca has gone out and dropped a couple of free joints and alongside his recently released UKG single on Numbers, they’re strong examples of what makes him tick as a producer. On the paying side, Done Me Wrong/Bax are expert UKG revivalism with skippy drums, chopped up vocal samples and the breezy feel of teen-pop long forgotten by most. Retromania, yes – but when the results are so exciting and potent, it’s easy to forgive the fact that most of these musical ideas are 10 years old, particularly when that built-in reload on the A-side suddenly yanks you out of the groove before re-detonating with twice the strength.

The giveaway tracks traffic in the same 90s nostalgia but frame it more oblique terms and stranger tempos. Landing somewhere between slow-motion House and instrumental Hip-Hop, The Way we were chugs along at a smoker’s 100BPM and mixes in half-a dozen different Wu-Tang related samples including the infamous Cuban Linx skit where Ghost gets shot. Here, the nostalgia is even more palpable but by filtering his influences through modern production techniques, Mosca manages to escape the revivalist tag. Ditto for Bushing where an Afrobeat horn section collides with what sounds like a chopped and screwed Chuck D. With all of the classic House and Techno influence permeating contemporary UK Bass, it’s nice to see Hip-Hop well represented in tracks giving things a rudebwoy edge. Now follow the man on twitter so we can get a 10K follower-follow-up.

MP3: Mosca – The Way We Were
Mp3: Mosca – Bunching
Mosca – Done Me Wrong / Bax (Out Now on Numbers) by Numbers

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