October is the time for Gonjasufi. Nothing says derangement like the crazed vagabond vocals of Sumach Ecks. Don’t be fooled by the Alan Wiggins-era San Diego Padres logo above. There is nothing Catholic about this. In my imagination, Sufi is the next Nate Dogg for all left field rappers. Need a hit for your haunted house party, Sufi will summon Nate’s ghost by seance, but get the wrong deity. Last week at Low End, he kicked a surprise set and warmed the arteries of the cold blooded.

As for Blu, he continues to quietly release career highlights.. Tosten Burks already broke down why No York! is great, and “Eatfish” only adds to the rattled shadow rap that he’s been pushing of late. Jittery, unruly, and obtuse. It might not satisfy the comfort food fans wanting another Below the Heavens, but if you liked C.R.A.A.C. Knuckles, or the idiosyncratic spirit exhibited there, Blu has resurrected himself and seems to ignore stasis. Tony Starks would approve.

GONJASUFI – “EATFISH” w: BLU (Produced by Johnson&Johnson) [aif] by Hydroshare.tv

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