October 20, 2011

Sach O’s wardrobe is provided by Adidas, Turntablelab and the Chatuchak market. Fuck that other shit.

America, I don’t know if I’m pissed off at you or just disappointed right now but you’ve got to do better. This whole “hey let’s dress-up like our parents ate lead paint chips while we were in the womb” raver gear is not acceptable. For the love of God, you’re making me agree with Vice Magazine – do you know how much I hate agreeing with Vice Magazine? That shit is like agreeing with Fox News.

I know this whole Dubstep thing that you’re latching onto coincides nicely with the  90s rave revival but some things are meant to stay dead…and dressing like an e-tard is one of them. I thank my lucky stars that this kind of nonsense gets no play in Montreal: for the most part Bassdrive remains day-glo free and thanks to my homegirl Vilify’s spot-on bookings, people’s musical expectations have shifted away from screamo-wobble. If I have to live with old people on the Internet thinking I’m associated with this bullshit, I’ll live with it as long as it actually doesn’t happen in my town.

Now If you insist on drawing inspiration from Rave’s hey-day though, may I suggest the actual music? Some of that shit was awesome and it works flawlessly in a new context, unlike your dad’s old blacklight garms. Take this new Zomby track for instance: classic drums, looped ragga vocals, pulsating low end and starry eyed synths – we’re not that far off from a classic Jungle Bros B-side. It’s a strong return to the dance for a producer who spent his last album in a deep melancholia and proof that the original Rave movement had some serious ideas to offer the world. Grown folks with pacifiers was not one of them.

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