Sach O went to hell for snuffin’ Satan.

Fuck “coulda been,” State Prop can still be contenders. Not in the major leagues of course, the idea that Freeway could ever actually break into the American mainstream is absurd, but no squad from the last decade has more potential to corner the semi-lucrative underground market. Club tours, Rock the Bells, Boom-Bap guest spots: the world is their oyster if they manage to get Beanie off the syrup and Peedy off the dust. Though never as flamboyant or forward-thinking as The Diplomats, State Property from 99-05 were like a good home-cooked meal: you may have known what you were getting but their records held you down with no artificial bullshit. Check 666 – even half a decade later their chemistry is still intact, the hunger is still there and as long as Freeway’s picking the beats they can’t go wrong on production. The sooner they stop dreaming of being stars and start setting up their true-school supplying, underground-centric, Boot Camp Click style revival the better. They should call Dame Dash too – he may never out-swag Puffy again but he’d make a mean 2K Dru Ha.

MP3: State Property – 666

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