Chris Daly is prettyprettygood.

And here I was thinking Tumblr was only good for Star Wars nerds, boobie aficionados and proving Drake has fucking lost it. Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD have been using it to feed the world some oh so tasty hip hop jams. Dropping covers of J. Dilla’s “Fall in Love” and Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade,” it’s been a non-stop musical love fest for a minute now. What better way to keep the hip hop heads interested? How about a DOOM jam session featuring the “Supervillian Theme” by Madvillain, “Fazers” by King Geedorah, and “Vomitspit” by Metal Fingers himself?

Jazz and hip hop have long had a common ground and easy alliance, yet BBNG seem to flip the script somehow. Usually, hip hop has tried to filter jazz into its own mold. These Canucks, however, do the opposite, giving hip hop standards a jazz interpretation all its own. Sure, the difference is subtle, at best, but you can use this argument when trying to impress your music geek friends, and they’re bound to agree because music nerds are suckers like that. While their eponymous album is more of your standard jazz exercise, the acronymed follow-up is about as hip hop as any other beat project you’re going to hear, the only difference being the use of, you know, live instruments and an actual “band.”

So are these kids a one note, Interweb sensations? Possibly too early to tell. But they certainly seem to have the chops and tastes to stick around the scene for a while. Oh yeah, and having the sign off (and sit in) with Tyler the Creator and the Odd Future gang probably isn’t going to hurt their chances, either.


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