November 21, 2011

Tosten Burks wonders if Slim the Mobster wears slim-fitting suits.

There is something bitterly ironic about the fact that Bishop Lamont reemerged from the post-Dre doldrums the same week that his replacement, the to-this-point relatively faceless, cliché low-register thug growler that is Slim the Mobster, debuted his first mixtape to the world.

Bishop used to be that guy, the guy who was supposed to be the next “that guy,” the next 50 Cent, the next Eminem, the next product of the Dr. Dre machine. The only problem was that the vehicle for that christening, Detox, was eternally stuck in limbo. (Which, Slim the Mobster, it still is by the way. Don’t get too comfortable in the passenger seat of a car that hasn’t been assembled yet.)

At this point in his career, Bishop Lamont is just a supremely talented street rapper with uncompromising west coast gangsterism in his blood and mature, subtly flexible, effortlessly passionate rhymes on his tongue. In other words, everything you need to make good hip-hop, legendary producer in your camp or not.

Which he does. “Skit-so,” is an imposing comeback, a haunting track of horror organs and demon-Tarzan drums, on top of which Lamont admits that he still hasn’t made it and claims that his setbacks have just given him the opportunity to creep up and strangle you from behind with a mask and a nine, hunting knife, and fishing line.

He displays the simple, bouncy dexterity that has always come so naturally, a flow that sounds threatening and takes so much joy in the fact. Soul-Nana also contributes a verse in which he rhymes “Bin Ladin” with “beg your pardon.”

This song mainly serves as proof that, after flirting with fame and famously walking away with 700 unreleased songs to his name, Bishop Lamont is still a force. In the aftermath of Aftermath, he is now doing the complete opposite of resting in peace.

MP3: Bishop Lamont ft. Nana Soul-“Skit-So”

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