December 1, 2011

Sach O kinda wishes this track had a Bowie sample.

Zomby’s a weird dude. Unseen but always tweeting, dedicated to the future but still holding a torch for old school rave, constantly in demand but only occasionally making gigs. When he’s not busy chastising American reviewers for their take on British music, he’s reblogging chopped and screwed Max B mixtapes, which leads me to assume that when it comes to intercontinental criticism, restrictions don’t go both ways. But then again I was never quite clear on the bi-laws governing Intercontinental Titles. In any case, the Nothing EP is more good music from an auteur still forming his music universe: an airhorn here, a digital bleep there and lots of heavy bass all around. While he’s long left Dubstep formalism for the heady, stoned pastures of 4AD backed IDM, it’s hard to argue with a man who combines Kanye West’s flair for fashion with Burial’s flair for not-being-seen-in-public.

MP3: Zomby – Labyrinth (128KPBS preview)

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