Last week, I spent four hours rambling around weed dispensaries with Alchemist and Oh No, watching documentaries on Ayahuasca, and smoking enough weed and hash to harm the health of even a “legalize hemp” advocate. They are true professionals. The article drops in the LA Weekly two weeks from tomorrow and I’d planned on timing something about the new Gangrene record with the article. Clearly, I’m opting otherwise.

Between this video and the Roc Marciano-assisted cut leaked earlier this week, there is no choice but to post in a more timely fashion. As it is, this video has clocked nearly 50K views in almost 24 hours. Funny thing about a record like Vodka & Ayahuasca is that it will elicit zero coverage from non rap-centric publications. There is no narrative to attach to it, other than two grimy stoners warp psychedelic soul samples until the souls start screaming. It’s popular, just not within the would-be cool kid demographic. After all, Hip Hop DX has more readers than The Fader.

This is a very good record because it never overreaches. Alchemist’s direct quote was, “we’re not exactly trying to make statement. We’re the better for it. It’s just a raw filthy rap record — not made for a blog, but for a bludgeoning.

MP3: Gangrene ft. Roc Marciano-“Drink Up”

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