Son Raw: SirReal – Subsessions Mix

SirReal – SUB SESSIONS 01/27/2012 by Sirrealnesss on Mixcloud Son Raw bruked out to this one. Upon sending me this, Charlottetown DJ SirReal said he didn’t know if “I was into...
By    January 31, 2012

Upon sending me this, Charlottetown DJ SirReal said he didn’t know if “I was into mixes.” That’s actually a valid line of inquiry – there’s only so many hours in the day and when DJs make up half your social network, you’ve got to pick your battles. You may be into the same stuff as I am but that’s sort of the problem: if I’ve already got the tunes, it’s unlikely that I can afford to spare an hour of listening time. On the other hand, I occasionally get sent absolutely random material, which while occasionally enlightening, rarely gets my heart pumping: the odds that I’ll learn how to Dougie much less Vogue, are slim.

So the cop-out answer is that I’m  into SOME mixes – ideally those which achieve the quasi-zen feat of highlighting material that I haven’t yet heard but instantly wish I’d gotten a hold of first. And what do you know? This fits the bill perfectly. The truth is I’m sort of insanely jealous of this selection: apart from a few anthems from Starkey, Doshy and Royal-T, this is all new to me but it all feels like stuff I SHOULD know. That means fast paced, rhythmically complex instrumental Grime, Coki-style bassline madness and the occasional high-speed rap vocal. So well done SirReal, this is EXACTLY how you get me to post a mix to this site…but you know I’m going straight to Juno to cop some of these, right?

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