Son Raw
was bored so he made this. If aggregating Hulkshare links can be considered “making something.”

Newsflash: rap beats almost always sound better when emcees rap over them, so while Araabmuzik’s Instrumental University may be of great interest to aspiring swag rappers from Harlem to Houston Street, there’s not much there for the rest of us who enjoy hearing songs in their final form. That’s a shame though because while Electronic Dream remains one of my favorite releases last year, there’s a whole side of Araabmuzik’s production that doesn’t revolve around making DeadMau5 palatable to people who aren’t on ecstasy. For all of his Trance-rap trendiness and MPC finger-fucking, the kid is essentially  an East-Coast purist at heart, namedropping Alchemist as a favorite producer and peddling beats to names like Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Cam’ron and Vado; New Yitty stalwarts who haven’t been hot since Bush was in office. They’re still rapping about guns, drugs & money and they sound damn good over Araabmuzik’s beats, though I personally could live out the rest of my days never hearing another album from any of them. Hence this zip file compiling the vocals to the Instrumental University beats: it gives the beats back their proper context and provides the variety needed to make aging NY thug rap palatable. One Jim Jones cut a year sounds about right for me.

MP3: Araabmuzik – Vocal University (left click)
MP3: Vado – Snapped
MP3: Styles-P – Ryde On Da Regular

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