February 7, 2012

It’s been a rough week for Shaq. Last night, Kobe Bryant passed him in scoring on the all-time list, now Serengeti has unleashed the power of the Killa Deacon on the Big Aristotle.  For those who don’t know the back story, Kenny Dennis (Kdz) and Tha Grimm Teachaz were signed to Jive Records in ’93. After a Teachaz performance at the label’s showcase in Philly (other performers included the Fu-Schnickens and Tevin Campbell), Shaq-Fu got brazen and mocked Kenny’s mustache live on-stage.

“Shazam” is the ‘stache’s revenge. Shaq don’t want none. How can he in the face of a militia? It’s the Teachaz vs. the Magic and magic isn’t a real thing. How indomitable is the Kdz? He makes Shaq look like Greg Kite. Or Larry Krystkowiak. Premiering today on PotW, “Shazam” is swiped from Serengeti’s forthcoming Kenny Dennis EP, a brilliant and hysterical record that I will discuss at length when the time is right.

Don’t take this Litterial Green. For those who don’t grasp the Andy Kauffman-like genius of writing diss songs directed at the star of Kazaam in the voice of your 45-year old white alter-ego, David Cohn is working on a project with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux. Because the world needed to hear Serengeti’s Illinois.


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