Not to be confused with the hijinks-filled 1990 Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn action comedy of the same name. “Bird on a Wire,” also known as the time that Action Bronson crashed at Alchemist’s place and Riff Raff and Simon “Dirt Nasty” Rex showed up and they opted to smoke joints the size of giraffes on the streets of Santa Monica.

On the surface, this is the weirdest video in the history of weird-dom (population: based). However, Alchemist and Dirt Nasty are long-time friends who worked together on Dirt Nasty’s last dopus. During a YouTube and spliff session, Dirt Nasty put me up on Riff Raff 18 months ago when I was writing an LA Weekly feature on him. In return, I put him up on Danny Brown. Now Danny Brown is on Carson Daly and Riff Riff has an Icee Chain and his own Soulja Boy line of hash tags. The circle of life.

This song is great. White rappers, huh? Fair enough. Riff Raff is basically Paul Wall with a better sense of humor. I’m totally fine with that. See his old video for “Larry Bird” beneath the jump. It probably warrants a conversation of some sort, but I can’t figure out what sort. Anyone who can come up with the line “I shot dice with Larry Bird in Barcelona” has something going for them.

Via Prefix

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