Son Raw felt sort of obligated to post about this. Damn blog hype.

So he’s releasing music but isn’t part of Odd Future anymore? Is that what we’re supposed to infer from yesterday’s is-he-or-isn’t-he clusterfuck? If so, that’s a shame as both parties could benefit from working together far more than whatever will come of an Earl solo move. We’ll refrain from comment until the truth (or tweets) emerge but in the meantime this is a pretty cool bit of randomness in the vein of a violent, teenage MF DOOM, which is what we’ve always wanted from the kid, really. Earl’s a good rapper but for a group whose meteoric rise was at least partially due to a mastery of the web, this still doesn’t seem right – if they play Internet beef for attention, this will be the last you hear about it from me.

Mp3: Earl Sweatshirt – Home

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