Son Raw is an urban hippie minus the long hair and overly-sincere attitude. OK, just urban then.

Some groups are easier to like than love and others are easier to love than write about. LHF falls in the later category as RZA-influenced junglist beat music will be awesome long after bloggers have run out of ways to rearrange adjectives like “junglist” in new ways. The current angle for writing about the group seems to be that they’re “saving Dubstep,” a task about as appealing and likely as a rapper “bringing New York back” but if it gets the crew the attention they deserve than I’m all for it. The video for Akashic Visions from the forthcoming Keepers of the Light double LP makes a strong case that LHF will go far regardless of their genre-saving properties however, combining their dusty, sampledelic crate digging urban prophet aesthetic to a Post-Modern collage of futuristic images past courtesy of The Light Keeper. If anyone can reference England’s long-ignored Hippie-raver era and get away with it, it’s these guys. Low End Theorists and Digital Mystikz fans: prepare for elevation.

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