Tosten Burks is getting money he can fold very easily.

Live From The Underground is officially in sight. The first single, “I Got This,” is exactly what K.R.I.T. needs to get the album released already, an anthemic banger. It comes just in time too, when hope was slowly draining that he had a song like this in him.

4Eva N A Day is classic buffed and polished K.R.I.T. dirty south soul-rap. But it lags. His pretty, sweeping ballads depend on patience, but that’s hard to muster when you’ve heard all the same type of samples do the same type of sweeping before, twice. The tape is as inspirational as ever, but it’s just not as inspired. Pretty sax, pretty guitar shivers, pretty contemplative synths, pretty, hopeful lyrics. More of the same. The music of one of the Internet’s most universally beloved e-phenoms lacked energy. Maybe he was just tired.

Or maybe all the heat was just being saved for LFTU. “I Got This” is a slapping exercise in triumphant defiance. 4eva N A Day revealed doubt and frustration. This single chants “I got this here,” and “Fuck these haters, fuck these hoes.” The drums skitter and bump. The hook is catchy and direct and easy to understand, without being stupid. This is K.R.I.T. at his most concentrated and simple, but it is at least K.R.I.T. It would be an accomplishment to blow up with a no-feature, no-compromise display of self, however distilled. Something like that hasn’t happened on a major in 4eva.

MP3: Big KRIT – “I Got This Here” (Left-Click)


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