Tosten Burks would have benched Kobe too.

In which the acid-dropping Brooklyn horror-core revivalists reveal some rationale for all the scare tactics. “Laker Paper” is a trembling, uneasy piece of hazy Houston atmospherics with Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice verses that use the bleak beat and bleak world to justify their THC tendencies. “I limp when I walk, I drag my feet/But when I smoke, I just soar.” Their central conceit is not aggression, it’s escape. They scare because they’re scared.

It’s the most personal Flatbush Zombies song yet, and while that’s not saying much, the track moves the group forward. Thus far, everything has been “I’m crazy” and “I do drugs.” “Laker Paper’s” innovation is connecting the two. “Insane in the brain/smoke a lot just to maintain.” The group has yet to really flesh out where these extreme characters stem from, but as long as Eric Arc Elliot keeps cranking out screwy, abrasive bangers and Darko and Juice keep making drugs sound as profoundly terrifying as “bong rips to my soul/lift and catch the holy ghost,” that’ll do for now.

MP3 below the jump.

MP3: Flatbush Zombies – “Laker Paper”

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