April 6, 2012

Health and lifestyle benefits afforded to those who embrace the Bernie: a lifetime supply of Hawaiian shirts and fisherman hats, a lock of Jonathan Silverman’s hair, free membership to country clubs, the ability to purchase small sums of coffee at wholesale prices. Entrance fees will be waived at insurance conferences throughout in North America. Your bowling scores will rise, your miniature golf scores will decline. You will be irresistible to all woman who like men with mustaches and several who don’t. You will get to guest star on an episode of the Big Bang Theory and win a trip to hang out on Manhattan Beach with Laid Back Luke Walton. It’s a pretty win-win situation.

This is the new video from Flash Bang Grenada, the duo of Nocando and Busdriver, who released one of last year’s best rap albums. It’s directed by the Casey gang, who are more fierce than Sean Casey but less fierce than Casey Anthony. Flash Bang are better than your favorite blog-rap duo. And I’ve seen them all. Except for that one. As a wise man once said: I ain’t sayin no names, they know who, thank you for the change. 10 Haters is still worth your change. Don’t spend it on pate.


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