April 10, 2012

Deen knows why they hate you and it isn’t your ladies or because you drive Mercedes’. Baby baby.

A minute for rebuttal please?


We’re never going to agree on the matter of technique (or lack thereof). The man is gash. Period. There’s nothing interesting about the unpredictability of his mediocrity delivered in the most unremarkable of voices. So I ain’t e’en gon trip. I’ll say this though – all the folks championing 2Lames outchea aren’t doing it for any of the technical attributes you listed. Bet. Muhfuckas hear mediocrity enough, get used to it and start trippin for it simple as that. The assholes at my barbershop (shouts to Expressions on Westheimer) give zero fucks about internal rhymes or his delivery – sheeeeeit, Future’s “Same Dame Time” video premiered RIGHT AFTER his interview on “106 & Park” and half the shop was asking if it was 2Chainz. As the kids say today, “L.O.L.” Muhfuckas don’t care about all that rappity shit no mo bruh (during the same trip, Eminem was declared a wack technician in comparison to Jigga because “he doesn’t say that slick shit that niggas like hearing in their ’97 Acuras.”) – belee dat.

And I was supposed to be done right there, but I can’t let that last paragraph slide. I’m certainly not part of the “bring NY rap back/hip-hop is dead” brigade. That said, I love Little Brother, love Nas and I’m listening to Ma$e’s Harlem World right now. I have my biases, but I think my consistent and sincere stanning for folks like Juicy J and Kirko Bangz (shame, I kinda know) absolves me from those charges. For fuck’s sake, I declare Lil’ Jon’s “CrunkJuice” a classic at least once a month on the twitter thang. I fux wit the most ratchet shit outchea and I’m just a weirdo that wants a little more from his coon rap than 2Shackles is offering you folks. I’m looking out for Y’ALL! This muhfucka bamboozled y’all based on ONE damn joke/song – yep, you cited that Similac shit. C’mon Abe, we can do better. Fuck it, let’s give Jackie Chain the spot. At least that fuck is utterly ridiculous and almost always has the Block Beataz on deck.

I rest my chains. Well, just the one chain Moms gave me as a graduation gift. Hoes love my chain…

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