April 10, 2012

Now that the Internet has decided that Danny Brown is the greatest rapper since Big Daddy Kane, maybe it can revise its opinion on Aesop Rock. If you recall, many of the same people who rode for Ian Bavitz from 2001-2004 decided to ignore him for the last ocho, largely because his name is Ian Bavitz. And as the skit on Ironman said, “there’s no coke. You heard me, you dumb fuck, there’s no coke.”  Maybe Bazooka Tooth wasn’t what you wanted, but it was better than you thought. And a younger Hybrid memorized every word of None Shall Pass. So did Nocando, who last I heard, can rap a little bit. For his influence, Aesop Rock deserves all the chickenheads in the world coming home to roost.

“Zero Dark Thirty” is on some man becomes master shit. We waited five years for this because this isn’t easy. He’ll never write another “Daylight” because he has no interest in stasis. Search for an analogue and you’ll be hard-pressed. This is great rap music from one of the most creative stylists and writers of the last decade.  Dismiss that last sentence all you want. Everything can’t be for everyone and everyone is entitled to be wrong.


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