April 11, 2012

Son Raw
comes from a distopian future

You might remember Flow Dan’s booming baritone from The Bug’s best tracks and if you don’t, you should probably check out London Zoo – AKA the only album that can give Funcrusher Plus a run for it’s money when it comes to distopian cityscapes. The Roll Deep member’s ragga death chants were integral part of tracks such as Jah War (last heard during my Low End theory set) fueling the proceedings with a mix of street grime, occult atmosphere and the kind of wisdom inherent in a voice that makes Barry White sound like Quasimoto. It’s worth revisiting.

Once you’re done with that, kindly direct your attention to the above collaboration with recent Metalheadz signee Jubei, complete with the kind of bleak, black & white visual of feral youth that could only come from London town in 2012. There’s a lot of history in this track as it unites the Drum & Bass world’s most storied label with an original member of Grime’s deepest posse but rather than an overstuffed hardcore continuum wank, the two pare their styles down to the basics for a rough and ready slice of mechanical bleakness. Until El-P and Kevin Martin collaborate on a jungle album, this is the hardest shit since MC Ren.

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