April 11, 2012

According to the infallible tandem of Wikipedia and Greek mythology, the chimera is a “monstrous fire-breathing female creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals: upon the body of a lioness with a tail that ended in a snake’s head, the head of a goat arose on her back at the center of her spine.” So it sort of looks like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose making out.

For Homeboy Sandman, the chimera is a new metaphor for the wild style. The word has been passed down to us as a synonym for unhinged creativity. It is also the title of his new Stones Throw EP (beats from Exile, Paul White, et. al). Jonah Bromwich already broke down the first single “Cops Get Scared of Me” and I let my thoughts be known on the Homeboy a little while back. Either Sandman appreciated the words or I bribed him when I was in the throes of a DMT binge, but I am shouted out on “Chimera Out Now.” For once, it’s not even a death threat. I’m directly after J. Woww, Snooki but before Marvel and Capcom. Cry now, Pauly D.

MP3: Homeboy Sandman “Chimera Out Now” 
MP3: Homeboy Sandman “Cops Get Scared of Me”

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