Tosten Burks is tired.

You can argue that these Ladera loons are played out, but you can’t say they’re not all improving as artists. The absurdly titled PNCINTLOFWGTKA off of Casey Veggies’s new mixtape, the name of which doesn’t really matter, is grinning, grimy proof of this.

Tyler’s production is just Neptunes enough to turn the basic Wolf Gang muck into something more accessible, and also just Neptunes enough to justify all the Neptunes comparisons that were a slight reach when everyone first started making them, circa Bastard. The beat bounces, but maintains all the angry bluntness. Domo and Hodgy echo this, staying funny and low-stake in their angsty aggression, as they try out new flows like show-and-tell.

There’s also an Earl verse, and it’s great. We’ve waited years for this and he isn’t disappointing, partly because it really seems like he doesn’t give a shit that everyone’s been waiting years for this. Fuck New Yorker hype; just give the dude beats. This is probably the one crewmember left whose fame hasn’t yet peaked. For that, Mama Sweatshirt deserves a thank you.

MP3: Casey Veggies feat. Tyler, Hodgy, Domo, and Earl – “PNCINTLOFWGTKA”

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