Son Raw would prefer the aces, wouldn’t he?

Swagger for days. LiveLoveA$AP continues to demonstrate substantial replay value, proving that a well crafted, original project will always trump a barrage of buzz-building stopgaps. Though it would be all too easy to fuck it up with poorly chosen production or sell-out moves at this point, all signs point to Rocky extending his run with his major label sequel – and if there’s one thing he’s good at its defying pessimistic expectations. First single Goldie is clearly for the streets as no one gets multi-million dollar deals for rapping well, but if most of the album sounds this tight, I think we can allow for a Lana Del-Ray collabo or two. All the ingredients are there – screwed vocals, futuristic production and a flow so dope that it negates any remaining concerns about content or accents. Oh and scratching. On a Hip-Hop single. In 2012. That doesn’t sound corny. It’s a good time to be a rap fan, folks.

MP3: A$AP Rocky – Goldie (Prod. Hit-Boy) (Left Click)

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