April 17, 2012

Had the horsemen in the WediditCollective any interest in pushing the crew narrative, I probably wouldn’t have to link to their website in the first sentence. You might know the principals better from their solo work: Shlohmo, Jonwayne, Zeroh, RL Grime. There’s more and all of them are interested in further blurring the line between beats, raps, R&B and IDM. It’s experimental without the pretentiousness associated with the label. So Jonwayne’s new mix for XLR8R includes Sun Ra, Edan, Ironman, Biggie remixes and eerie Japanese New Age music and no one bats a blunt. The Wayniac doesn’t smoke weed, so maybe that’s why the focus on this all-vinyl mix never drifts.

Shlohmo’s been a pro since he was old enough to skirt league age limitations (David Stern rules). His own rap and R&B remixes have gained the most traction (Soulja Boy, Drake, The Weeknd), but in his latest video (via GVB), it’s Nicolas Jaar who jams things, figuring out the missing link between Warp Records and Quiet Storm.  These two could be the American Four Tet and Caribou should they so they have the desire. Of course, that would probably mean they’d be offered a zany reality show on Fuse or Current, so forget I said a thing.

Tracks, videos, track listings, and free sweet potato pie below the jump.

MP3: Jonwayne – XLR8R Podcast (Left-Click)


01 Sun Ra “We Travel the Spaceways” (Saturn Research)
02 Tim Hecker “Radio Amor” (Mille Plateaux)
03 cLOUDDEAD “Rhymer’s Only Room & Velvet Ant” (Mush)
04 Notorious B.I.G. “Suicidal Tendencies” (Bad Boy)
05 Dimlite “Unknown” (Now Again)
06 Defari “Unknown”
07 Quasimoto – “Broad Factor (Jonwayne Remix)”
08 Jeru the Damaga “Perverted Monks in tha House (Theme)” (PayDay)
09 Les Visiteurs Du Soir “Je T’Ecris D’um Pays” (Born Bad)
10 Big L “All Black” (Columbia)
11 Bruce Haack “Unknown”
12 Company Flow (Def Jux)
13 Busta Rhymes “Survival Hungry” (J)
14 Lootpack “Episodes” (Stones Throw)
15 J-Live “Braggin Writes” (Raw Shack)
16 Passion “As The…” (Interscope)
17 Dr. Octagon “No Awareness” (Bulk)
18 De La Soul “Dog Eat Dog” (Tommy Boy)
19 Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon “The Faster Blade” (Epic)
20 Jeru the Damaga “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (PayDay)
21 Edan “Mic Manipulator” (Lewis)
22 Kitaro “Dawning” (Canyon)
23 Kitaro “Tienshan” (Canyon)
23 Steven Wright “Entire b-side of I Have a Pony” (Warner Bros.)
24 KRS One “Ah Yeah” (Avatar)

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