Deen’s going to rip off Marley Marl for his next single.

You know what? There’s something to that “even a broken clock is right twice a day” shit. If you’re lenient and patient enough, any of these rappers, no matter how awful, can make some shit that you fuck with. But you shouldn’t have to work so damn hard to run into music you actually want to hear. And that in a nutshell is the problem I have with most of these “new” rappers.

French Montana’s “Shot Caller” is an undeniable banger, but prior to that shit, I’d heard this dirty, mildly slow-sounding immigrant ruin a pair of Pusha T songs with his shitty Max B impressions. How the fuck do you base your whole steez on a largely shitty rapper anyway? (Fuck the wave. Max B largely sucked, but a lotta folks owe him checks) For most of us, especially in today’s “a-new-song-on-Nah Right-every-hour” era, that’s usually enough to write someone off for good. Shiiiiiet, most of the folks I talk rap with online write rappers off for reasons ranging from being white to actually being able to rap well. Folks are weird. But I’m a masochist and I’ll give anyone several chances unless they’re Lupe Fiasco or Kreayshawn (I just can’t with those two).

I heard ‘Shot Caller’ and figured it was time to give French another go. After all, he’s the MC most closely associated with Harry Fraud – who happens to do a damn good job of synthesizing the current rap radio sound with classic NY sampling (he gets corny sometimes, but the trick is in the drums. Maybe we’ll discuss him a bit more later). So I listened to Coke Boyz 3. A bunch of tracks were straight skips, but I have to admit that French kinda knows his way around that lazy/gully/off-key hook shit (again, thanks to the Wavey Baby, maybe gruff Queensbridge rappers too) and the beat selection is inoffensive at times (the straight southern shit) and positively dope at other times (this song and the Harry Fraud contributions).

It also helps that pretty much every song on the tape is a collaboration of some sort. This particular type of song is good money with me and that’s doubly surprising since I’m also not big on the LEP Bogus Boyz (wish I was, I’m not). So here we are months after I almost started an African civil war on twitter because of how bad I think (and still think) French Montana is and here I am extolling the virtues of this song. I’m so sad right now. My tolerance has turned me into some kinda hypocrite. Fuck. This shit happened with Wayne and more recently, Future (the sequencing on  Pluto is the worstestedest, but that’s neither here nor there). French Montana really fanuted the word “fanute” into a grudging tolerance from this rap fan. That’s impressive. If I end up stanning for French Montana, or worse, 2Lames, I’ll never forgive myself. This shit still goes though. Dirty, dirty, dirty, MONEY…

MP3: French Montana ft. Styles P, Jadakiss,Fat Joe, Uncle Murda, Red Cafe – “Shot Caller” (NYC Mix) (Left-Click)
ZIP: French Montana – Coke Boys 3 (Left-Click)

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